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Sportlich elegantes Kalbslederband mit semimatter Kroko-Louisiana Prägung und Doppelwulst-Polsterung.

7106 34 10
$51.40 pro Stück Professional Brown 99 reservierbar In den Warenkorb
7106 34 11
$51.40 pro Stück Professional Gold Brown 3 reservierbar In den Warenkorb
$51.40 pro Stück Professional Black 81 reservierbar In den Warenkorb

quick release20 Couple of 20mm quick release spring-bars

The strap can be removed by sliding the nub to the right with your fingernail and the reverse for fitting the strap to your watch.  For 20mm leather straps only. 

$10.71 pro Stück
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Der Warenkorb ist leer