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NEPTO, It's a duo that dances with time. It is the fortuitous meeting between Vincent and Florian on the Berghain dancefloor, a famous Berlin club where time is punctuated by a series of electro/techno tracks proposed by the best DJs of the moment. This was followed by a strong friendship and then a collaboration that gave birth to the young independent brand.

Launched in December 2018, NEPTO is synonymous with duality: it is intended to be both Parisian and Berliner, elegant and extravagant, dark and colourful. An opposition of style that offers an aesthetic richness symbolized by two collections: the N°1 and the SHIELD.

The N° 1 collection, singular and unisex.


Four models, with original dials that give them an offbeat design. The variety of colours and the two case sizes offer a wide range of colours to match all clothing styles.

The 3D printing of the dials gives a material effect similar to an "oil on canvas".

The result is a slight relief that gives a unique depth to the dials.

In addition, there are thin hands specially designed for the N°1 collection, hollowed out in their centres. 

The SHIELD collection embodies refinement. 

A watch with an exclusive and perfectly balanced shape.

The chevrons of the dial sublimate this resolutely unique shape. The Blue Ocean and Green Spectra are the two timeless colours in the collection, while the Black Eleganza is perfect for an all-black look.

A dial with thin chevrons framing the logo and indexes with neat typography.

« Quick release » striated and stitched leather straps prepared exclusively for the SHIELD collection.

NEPTO frees watches from the monotony of shapes, too often round or square. The brand is therefore coming on the market with two collections with resolutely innovative shapes.

Discover the different models

No 1 (36mm)

No 1 (42mm)