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Felix Hollenstein becomes a watch designer – for 121TIME

Is Felix Hollenstein really hanging up his skates? No, but the headlines are still true: Hollenstein has become a watch designer. And he’s not the only one: three other Swiss sports stars – Michel Zeiter, Christian Dubé and Alpo Suhonen – have also discovered what fun it is to create individual watches for 121TIME. “It’s a real creative pleasure,“ says Hollenstein enthusiastically, designing several more watches for himself, some sporty and others luxuriously studded with diamonds. The advertising campaign featuring the four sports personalities is running from February onwards in several regions of Switzerland and on the Internet.Click here to see what sort of watches the four athletes have designed for themselves.

  Story in "New York Times"
121TIME also has loyal fans in the USA, and they are revealing themselves to be keen collectors of individually designed watches. This is one reason why the renowned "New York Times" newspaper chose to cover 121TIME in a press report. This entertaining article which appeared recently and all articles published about 121TIME to date can be found in the press section of 121TIME's website

  121TIME awarded the CTI Start-up Label
Thanks to its innovative business model, 121TIME has been granted the prestigious CTI Start-up Label by the Swiss government. Since 1996 the Innovation Promotion Agency KTI/CTI has supported entrepreneurial researchers in setting up new companies to bring their innovative ideas to market. So far over 1000 projects have been considered, 100 of which have been awarded the CTI Start-up Label by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology. The founders of 121TIME are delighted to have received this award.

121TIME™ is a registered watch brand of Factory121 SA, Martigny.
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