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Martigny, the 4th of December
5 easy steps to creating your own Swiss Made timepiece.

121™: Create your own Time !
Step 1: Choose your dial.
Sport chronograph or a classical look. A plethora of designs and colors to suit even the most creative of personalities. Roman numerals, twilight fluorescent dials, sport functionalities…All available to show your individuality at the heart of your timepiece.
Step 2: Choose a bezel.
Embellish your design by adding a bezel that suits your tastes. Brushed metal, speed indicators, or simply up to 72 certified diamonds to show how you add a little glitter to life.
Step 3: Choose your strap.
Mount your design onto a wide selection of straps that represent your needs and uses. Peruse our all weather, classical or elegant collections and choose from our selection of imitation alligator or lizard, sports rubber, jeans or simply a steel strap. All showing how you ride through life.
Step 4: Choose your crown.
The cherry on the cake.
A crown with our patented logo or go a bit further with an Onyx Cabochon or inverted gemstone, this discrete touch always enhances the combination of elements that defines your personal style.
Step 5: Start again…
With over a million possible combinations, offers the opportunity to transform yourself into a master watch designer. Each model bears the design impression of its creator and is dependent only on the style, individuality and imagination that lies within.

The extras:
You can personalize your watch further with an engraved message for special occasions, increase the water resistance to 10 atmospheres or upgrade your watch face to a quality sapphire lens.
Our virtual boutique is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at
Whats new ?

Every month, you can win a watch from our latest collections. Don’t forget to stop by and sign up to win.

Our winner for the month of November:

Claude M.

Coming mid December:

The Speedster and Challenger collections, combining rounded forms, functionality and an appreciation of aesthetics. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

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